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  • Medium Sofia – Bergen, Norway

    I am a proud mum and a professional psychic from Norway and I am active at spåtjenester24.no . I have possessed spiritual abilities since I was kid and I have helped hundreds of people across the world discover their inner strength. I do everything from psychic readings with tarot cards to dream interpretation and healing. If you read more

  • Christina – London, UK

    I started out as a professional mediums more than 10 years ago reading tarot cards and that is still what I do best, even-though I have master all sorts of psyhcic reading techniques. Somehow I have always felt the presensce of spirits in my life and I have also always been aware of my ability to communicate read more

  • Paul – Birmingham, UK

    I am a professional medium and a psychic who mainly use tarot cards as tool to do psychic readings and tell fortune. I can also offer high quality dream interpretation services. With experience your are in safe hand as I have more than 20 years of experience when comes to doing real hands-on spiritual communication read more

  • Sofia – Stockholm, Sweden

      I am a very open-minded psychic with naturalborn abilities. Mediumship comes very easy to me and I have in fact been aware of my ability to communicate with spirits and entities on the other side. I focus on the reading of tarot card, astrology an Numerology all of which I will use in my read more