Louanne – Dublin, Ireland

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  • My name is Louanne and I’m a medium at livepsychic.ie. We all have unique gifts the world the world needs as well as an important purpose for being here. When I am able to help people find the answers to these and other questions about life and love, it gives me my own sense of purpose. Since 2001 I have dedicated myself to help others people find their inner peace and harmony through consultations, tarot card readings, psychic sessions and numerology. , I believe that Spirituality is really the core issue for anyone whos seeks seeks balance, resolution and spiritual divination. I can offer you high quality spiritual guidance so tthat you can see and evaluate your situation more clearly and act according to your best interests. That way the next step will be so much easier . Let me help you take that step, let me help you reach for the sky and try to fulfill your dreams and be who are at heart.


    I have been a spiritual person as long as I can remember. My beliefs and a strong and deep connection to a higher power has influenced me at every corner in whole life. This connection has also shaped everything that is me – my character, all my values, and of cuourse my psychic and spiritual abilities.. But most of all I have been able create harmony and balance in my life. Now I feel, its is my duty to help other do the same thing. I am natural telepath – which means that I generally can tell Wwhat’s on someone’s mind before they even tell me. I am also very compassionate, caring and always do my outmost to take the best possible care of my clients. I offer you the full potential of clairvoyant ablities, my intuitive powers and the experience I have have gather to answer any questions you may have about your current situation. Furthermore I can offer you insightful spiritual guidance and near bullet proof love readings.


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