Animal totem

Animal totem, refers to the spirit guide which helps you in learning and realization of our inner qualities. Today we all are busy in our own work and give very less importance to our natural characteristics. Animals still do use their characteristics and instinct in their natural form, there instincts are best conveyed to humans with these animal totems.

Animal totem is further divided into other subtypes. One of the most talked totem is bird totem. Bird totem is the characteristic and intuition shared with the particular bird spirit guide. One can develop the art of listening messages from your bird totem by relaxing your mind and understanding your bird. You can find your bird totem by doing meditation or even at times in dreams. For more on totems visit

Some of the key bird totem includes

Eagle:- Eagle being a totem bird means you speak directly to spirit and can help you see big picture. This is the bird which helps you see the world with new vision

Rooster:- Rooster being a totem bird means you have good sense of humor, and your totem bird will also help in realizing your hidden potential and your uniqueness.

Owl:- Owl being a totem bird means you can enjoy wisdom from silence. Whenever you need to search the truth just find help from your bird totem.

Similar to these birds, there can be different bird totems based on your natural characteristics. They help making you more conscious about your inner qualities and save you from upcoming harms.