Choosing Your First Tarot Deck

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Tarot Deck.

So you’ve decided to purchase some Tarot Cards! Excellent! Choosing a Tarot Deck can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of decks out there to choose from! The following are my suggestions for selecting the perfect deck for you…

Opinion when selecting Tarot deck

In my opinion, every beginning Tarot reader should be familiar with the Ryder-Waite deck. Most books use this deck when teaching beginners. Familiarity with all of the cards in this deck will help you to choose other decks as you become more experienced. I used this deck for a whole year before even considering other decks. I also feel it is important to not only read the “Little White Book” that comes with the deck but to read a few books for beginners by different authors. Often, authors offer slightly different interpretations of each card. What matters most though is YOUR interpretation. Do you agree with Author A’s interpretation or maybe Author B’s interpretation makes more sense? Maybe you don’t agree with anyone! I think that’s pretty awesome too!

When it comes time to branch out a bit and select another deck, make sure the images are meaningful to you. I can’t stress this enough! I didn’t even understand how useful a deck could be until recently. Here’s a quick story… I am an extreme animal lover and was devastated when I had to put my cat to sleep. While she was sick, I discovered the “Tarot of Pagan Cats” by Magdelina Messina with artwork by Lola Airaghi. Because of what was happening in my life, this deck was oh so perfect. The images of cats engaged in various activities with different emotions being portrayed on their faces and even with their body postures and positions made this deck so easy for me to use, and scarily accurate. Some of the cards in this deck give me physical sensations in my stomach depending on the mood of the card! If you react physically and emotionally to a deck, buy it!

Feel the cards!

No, not with your sixth sense silly, with your HANDS! Can you shuffle them? Do they stick to each other too much? Are they “cheap,” meaning that they may suffer wear and tear after only a few uses? Do they feel nice?

Think about your interests and hobbies. Are you an animal lover? Maybe you only like dogs? What type of music do you listen to? Are you a nudist? Hey, I’m telling ya… there are decks out there for everyone! Maybe you have Irish roots and would enjoy a Celtic themed deck, or maybe you would like an Asian themed deck. Do you enjoy plants and flowers… then there’s a deck for you as well.