What is Clairvoyance?—Is it the Sixth Sense or a Gift?

This is still an unsolved puzzle whether clairvoyance- popularly known as a psychic reading is the intuitive power of the experts developed from the E.S.P or it is a gift with which they are born with!

The word Clairvoyance is an amalgamation of two words-‘clair’ and ‘voyance’. The actual meaning of the 17th-century French term is ‘clear vision’. Many of us have a stereotypical conception about these psychics. Most of us have an understanding that clairvoyants have Wiccan powers. They are the gypsy women tugged in a turban and looking into the large crystal ball to see the future or the unseen. Actually, this is not exactly true. Nowadays, these professionals look like any other regular human beings with normal attire.

Extra Sensory Perception or the Sixth Sense

In fact, today many researchers are trying to develop a relationship among clairvoyance and psychology. According to some recent studies and experimentations that clairvoyance is achieved through intuition or E.S.P- extra sensory perception. This is also known as the sixth sense, which is something more than – sight, smell, touch, hearing, and tasting. A clairvoyant develops the ability to see things with the help of their extra sensory perceptions through clairvoyant mediums. With the help of such powers they can trace the lost kid or the murder scene when detectives ask for their help in many countries.

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The paranormal clarifications

Apart from the scientific clarifications, a certain group of experts considers this to be a paranormal practice where the clairvoyant can develop a communication between the different world where the spirits of the dead souls are said to be living. In paranormal research clairvoyance is known as anomalous cognition because of the involvement of the past and the future. Seeing something that happened in the past is presumed as retro-cognition and that of the future is called pre-cognition.

Intuition Vs. Gifted Powers

Intuition is a person’s own ability to know things without being informed. Through mediums, they can understand and see things that are not presumed by others. As a matter of fact, we all have the ability to perceive things but the clairvoyants practice it to such as extent that with such understanding they start seeing things that other don’t.

When the intuition elevates to the level of psychic analysis, many call it an inborn gift. But the fact is may be prolific clairvoyant readers are born with some special powers but only their dedication and the steps to improvement help them to stand out of the crowd and prove to be excellent psychic readers.

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