Dream Interpretation

A dream is a situation, where unconscious mind create some scenes and symbols while sleeping. Psychic consider dream as a critical piece of information for predicting the upcoming event. Symbols in a dream are significant and contain deeper meaning related to past and future. In dreams, there are many symbols and scenes which are not at all related to the real world but still they have importance. Every minute details of the dream are essential for the interpretation of a dream.

Dreams are both complicated and straightforward, some dreams are very simple to understand and give a clear indication of a good or bad upcoming event, and some dreams are not easy to interpret every symbol are different, and their meaning is also different and at the time out of this world.
Interpretation of dream requires a lot of study and deep understanding of symbols. Dream interpreter needs a lot of analysis to understand how every dream works on different scenarios. Experts with the ability to interpret dreams can look into the future event though same dreams have a different meaning for different individuals as there are no fixed rules which apply to all.

Some of the section of almost every society strongly believe in dream interpretation. Dream interpretation is considered as an essential part of psychic life. In every community, there is a group which practices and interprets dreams. Though expert can help in understanding your dream can be best analyzed by the dreamer.

Dreams usually are of three types:-

1 Pleasant Dreams:- These are the dreams from God and angle side. They indicate good coming to your way.

2 Bad Dreams:- These dreams are from evil. They are meant to harm an individual. If correctly interpreted,precaution can be taken to overcome with the ill effects.

3. Neutral:- These are the dreams which do not have any impact on human life. These dreams are because of dreamer’s day to day thinking.

Some of the common Dream Interpretations are:-
1. To see self; walking in the fire indicate the person will easily overcome with the troubles
2. To see falling flames on people is a sign of trouble for people
3. To See Rain in Dreams is a good sign indicating blessings.
4. To see dry and wet places because rain is not a good sign.
5. Walking on water indicates individual with strong trust in God and also means overcoming with some difficulties.
6. When a man sees getting married is a sign of blessings and prosperity.

As we see that different symbols and signs combine differently with various individual and give a very different interpretation, so it is essential to keep records of every minute details while interpreting dreams.

Though most of the psychic expert and individuals; believe in dream interpretation there is no scientific evidence favoring the authenticity of dream interpretation. According to the science and scientist, dreams are an outcome of thoughts and action of an unconscious mind. But people who believe in these dream interpretations consider dream interpretation as a means of communications from the God and Guardian Angels.