FAQ about – Psychics , Mediums and Fortune Tellers

Q “How can you read me over a telephone or PC, don’t you need to see me ?”

{A} No, psychics don’t read you as a physical person we read your spiritual energies. Every person is connected wherever they are by their energies. Psychics can tune in to that energy and ‘see’ all we need from that. Physical description, emotions, past and future are all shown in your energies. And distance is not relevant.

Q “How do I know a good psychic who is right to read for me, there must be a lot of people who pretend to be psychic but aren’t ?”

{A} Like any profession there are good and not-so-good. Everyone on this site is a full time professional psychic and fully trained and experienced; reading constantly, not just as a hobby. The acid test of a psychic is their customer feedback and all of the feedback on this site is directly entered by customers.

Q “What if there’s bad news ?”

{A} Old wives tales of psychics seeing death and tragedy are mostly that, just tales.

Psychics see events, opportunities, challenges and who and what is around you. If this is good or bad depends upon your approach to it. For instance if we saw a time of reduced income we would warn you and then you could save beforehand so that this wouldn’t effect you. That’s a typical example of ‘bad’ news so it really isn’t bad it’s just a challenge you may be facing and of course forewarned is forearmed so the ultimate outcome would be fine.


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