Some of the hard to explain instances or events which involve supernatural power in term of person, place, animal or things comes under paranormal events. These paranormal events are hard to explain in common words. To study these paranormal phenomenons a separate stream of study has evolved called as parapsychology. Haunting is one such paranormal activity which mostly involve spirit of past. Parapsychologist have further subdivided haunting in four different parts. If you need guidance visit violamedium.se


These includes:-
1. Demonic Haunting
2. Intelligent Haunting
3. Poltergeist Haunting
4. Residual Haunting


Demonic Haunting
Demonic Haunting is the most deadly among all. In this haunting, devil spirit tries to concur human individual. Initially this won’t seem to be very threatening but as time passes demon spirit emerges as a strong deceptive evil spirit.
All the bad start happening to the individual, even physical attack can happen. Evil spirit destroys all the good and take control of the will of affected individual. To resolve demonic haunting, specialist is required who has experience in handling such negative energies. As at time devils pretend it is not present, but will continue harming loved ones of the possessed individual.

Intelligent Haunting

As the name suggest in intelligent haunting spirits can communicate in physical world. This is the traditional haunting. Though this type of haunting is not harmful but in this spirit can move object from one place to other, can through things, can hide things and even at times they can speak with the individuals. In this haunting the main motive of spirit is to get noticed and communicate their messages. Intelligent haunting is mostly due to the unsettled affairs or excess love towards their loved ones.


Poltergeist Haunting
Polter is the German word which means “noise”. Poltergeist haunting companies with disturbing noises, moving objects, objects may be thrown or hide, at times physical attack and disturbances in electronic devices are also reported. This type of haunting starts as a play but slowly intensity increases to an instant that haunting occurrence become more dangerous.


Residual Haunting
This is the most common form of haunting. It usually does not involve any spirit rather it is more likely to be the remains of past associated memories. Like any tragic event that may be associated with some particular person or place. That scene or image of the person keeps on coming as an apparition. These observations may be on a specific time interval. These are like an indirect communication and most of the time harmless.