How to find a good psychic

The most successful and reliable method to find A Psychic is through a relative, friend or family member.Chances are if they had a good success you will also have.
Locating a psychic is a task. First of all, after checking with the friends and family member that is, refer to yellow pages or online search portal. You have to be sure what kind of psychic you want. Are you looking for a clairaudient, clairvoyant, tarot card specialist, astrologer, or someone who works with psychometry?

Locate a psychic around your area and check with their references first before zeroing down on one. Ask or psychic’s accuracy from the reference. Interview the psychic. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with the physic or any of their antics.
Once a reading is done check or its accuracy yourself and check how it has transpired few weeks or months down the line.

A few pointers towards a bad psychic:
Inaccuracy of facts provided is the biggest pointer towards a bad psychic
Asking for money even before you had a chance to interview them or check the references.
If you feel any negative emotion being around them such as fear or intimidation
Too many unreal or madeup antics or theatrics
Tall, uncomfortable promises
Good luck with your psychic search and do refer a good psychic to others as it’s a gem and you may have to go through a few to find a real one.