Learning Soul mate and twin flame relationship with tarot

Soul mate and the twin flame relationships are one of the greatest and beautiful relationships one can ever experience in their life. It is so magical that when you are with your soul mate or twin flame you can even experience the divine white light which symbolizes the purity of your relationship. Many of the peoples don’t know about the difference between in soul mate and twin flame relationship. Our soul mates are those peoples who were with us before this life and are still with us while our twin flames are those who got separated from us in this life. Everyone has a lot of questions about their soul mates and their twin flames. Tarot cards are one of the best ways to get answers to these questions.

Love card
In most of the card, this card is depicted as the very first soul mate. Garden of Eden can be seen in this card. You have to definitely make some hard choices when this card comes. The choices could be between two lovers, between love and work or between anything opposite love. At the end it will be your decision to choose the path for yourself. 6 is the number of love in the tarot cards and love card is also denoted by the number 6. If 6 comes occasionally during your love tarot card reading, for example, the nostalgic 6 of cups or the victorious 6 of wands then it could be pointing towards the love of your soul mate.

World card
The last card in the Major Arcana is the world card. Two halves becoming one is what this card symbolizes exactly what twin a flame symbolizes. This card tells that either you have already experienced a complete cycle with your soul mate or you are going to complete the cycle. And someone new is on its way to enter in your life. This card represents the new beginning with your twin flame. This card is a symbol of goodness and usually don’t bring bad news.

Judgment card
The judgment card represents the judgment day. It means that soon you are going to face a major turning point in your life where you have to choose between two peoples.

The star card
This is a very sensuous card where an angel can be seen pouring water from her cups of love which are in great harmony. This card tells you that either your twin flame or soul mate or your love partner dreams about you as if you are the twinkling star to them. This card also shows 8 stars which represent the eight planets except for Pluto and a phoenix which is known to be born from its own ashes. This rise from ashes can be felt in soul mate experience.

Strength card and magician card
The infinity symbol is a symbol which will often come across you in some way when you are under twin flame experience. The infinity symbol is like a lying down 8 which is also called a lemniscate. Only strength card and magician card are present in the tarot with the lemniscate. These cards are the great indicators of the soul mate and karmic experience. The magician card tells you that you have everything in yourself to make every wish of yours come true.

In the end, I would like to say that tarot should not be misused to bring your ex forcefully back in your life or to trick your partner etc. It should be used by not harming others.