Psi Wheel

As a psychic, we need to keep our inner will power very strong and positive and for the same there are so many exercises and meditation which a psychic can perform and practice for getting expertise in there psychic abilities.

One of the most important exercises for strengthening the inner will power is by using psi wheel.  Psi wheel is an arrangement of some object like spool of thread or piece of cork, needle, aluminium foil and a glass jar. All these objects are assembled in such a way that in a piece of cork needle is inserted and then on the top of the needle aluminium foil is placed from the centre.


Now place this arrangement at a flat surface and cover this from side with the help of your hand such that it forms a cup near to the assembly. Now try to move the aluminium foil without touching, just with the help of your will power. For some it will be easy and can be done in first attempt. But for some this requires time and practice.


For those who are at advance level, can use the same exercise just replacing hand and covering it with a glass. Covering the assembly with glass will make sure that there is no air to disturb your exercise


Always remember that if you cannot move the foil, don’t give up. As building your psychic abilities need patience and regular practice. Keep on practicing and try to put all your focus on the assembly and you will soon be able to move the foil not only this you will even be able to control the direction of the rotation.


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