Psychic Dreaming

We all have experienced dreams in our life, some of the dreams which we have seen are connected with the real life situations. They are like broken links of our past, present and future. If we try to understand the messages in our dream, life would be so easy and predictable. Based on the present situation of an individual he may experience two types of dreams, there are some good dreams and some bad dreams. These dreams are not just the pop ups of our brain but they are the solutions of our problems. These dreams based on the individual situation act as the solution of problem or a warning for near coming adverse situation and most of the dreams are the glimpse of the free mind from the third dimensions of future.

Dreams, predicting future have proved to be an example for the establishment of various theories of psychic dreaming. One such theory of psychic dream is Serialism; this theory was proposed by a well known author and writer J. W. Dunne, he proposed that our mind roam through time during sleep.

This is how dreams leave the fundamental time zone and mind sees future by going to the third dimension at another time level. This is why at times we feel that whatever is happening has already been seen.