Psychic Scams

We have been receiving emails from readers frequently stating that they have been contacted by a psychic who tells them they have some type of evil entity or curse on them that is preventing them from being successful in love, money and even health, which is further followed by their request for services to rid you off this entity or curse and for a hefty fee! We would recommend not to fall into the trap.
We all have disappointing love affairs, letdowns, sporadic depressions and money problems from time to time. This is called life and living the human condition. I personally have no issues while going to a psychic for reading who could guide us, but above experience is quite fishy from an unknown or rather un-credible psychic.

It’s a known fact even if a psychic could see an entity in your energy field, no payment of service is going to remove it! Psychics sense beyond the ordinary senses but I don’t know of any reputable ones who say they can eradicate the entity or curse. That is not being a psychic, moreover it can be a witch doctor. If we are so negative that we’ve attracted a negative being, then some hard questions need to be asked in the first place as to how this happened. It’s not normal to have dark forces cling to us so deeply that this effect surfaces in our life. Remember, like attracts like. This of course is separate from being in a place that is already occupied with a dark spirit, such as a haunted house. But in that case, we can just remove ourselves from the location.

I feel there no evidence to prove curses are real. While human create their own problems and blame readily on demons and curses for their situation. If we are in a mess, we should rather spend more time rectifying how we got here. More than hard luck its poor planning, procrastination, lack of self control or the inability to make changes when change is needed. More than likely it’s you who has created the situation and after you’ve paid the cash for curse removal, you’re going to find you’re still stuck with you. Thinking about curses finding remedy are rather old ideas and beliefs that should be put back on the bookshelf along with the one about Hansel and Gretel.

We should understand that psychics give guidance, not cures. External cure is a myth when it comes to personal development. Even a therapist is going to make you walk through your own life-steps and make the behavioral modifications needed to improve your situation. The duty of carrying out work is always placed on us. While depriving yourself with this power, somehow tend others to take charge leading us to be taken advantage off.
However, if you still feel you’re the victim of a curse or negative being, there is plenty of material online (and for free) about how to eradicate this through positive thoughts, light work, healing the blocked or damaged chakras that may have caused the “opening” and so on. In other words, you have all the power you need to fix this yourself.