Some people want to communicate to spirit but he didn’t know he spoil something like some time his life and his family and something special by which they love. Some people believe that there is a soul and some people do not believe it but sometimes it seems that there is a soul.We often hear or read in the news that this place is haunting why everybody wants to know but why do not want to go to the countryside! Probably because people are scared,but there are some people who go to daring and talk to any ghost or soul. And in the end, they lose their life or their mental balance or everything. So it is good to stay away from them. I believe that maybe there will be a soul or a world of ghosts but we do not need to go into their world because our world is very good. Some people want to answer a question by burning candles in a dark room and making a hoop and reading any mantra and talking to some soul and some people and some people also want to get something from him, but this has a lot of impact in the lives of our society and people.

Some people who believe in ghosts or spirits, practice seance.Seance is a process by which they can speak to a dead soul or spirit. This process require minimum of three people, gather in a dark room and lay a colored cloth on a table and keep the favorite accessories of the soul on it, then sit around the table with very little light, mostly candles. In this process there is a tantrik and the seekers or people who want to talk to the soul. Everyone sits in a circle and tries to talk to the soul or try to get answers of there question from spirit.  

The person who speaks experiences the soul physically and mentally, they  can feel the smell and emotions the spirit. If there is spirit, proof can come as a response to the question, the answer come to the knocking and mentally or physically mediums. In that case, it should always be left when there is trouble and danger.

Three or more people gather in this process to meet the spirits. The lead person or Tantric leads the process to make the connectivity with the soul during the process.There is a table surrounded by the group which is covered with a light colored. Call the soul begins with its momento which will be kept in the middle of the table. To create an affect typical smoke is also used to remove for bad energy. Before starting official seance they do meditation and prayer for protection and focus on spirit. There all available electronic devices is turn off or removed so that there is no interference while communicating. They light up candles to make atmosphere of invitation of the soul. According to this process, lighted candle gives enough visibility to the scene for incoming spirit energy as they believe a spirit is attract towards this light. The group participate with their joint chain hand circle for everyone’s effort to call the soul.

To contact a relative or friend’s spirit, slowly slowly chant the name. When sprint has connected then hand holding is optional. Now prepare for question and answer to soul, formatted in yes or no response. Format in such a way so as to make one tap sound for no and two taps for yes, this format call typology. When the candle is flickering and they feel something different then it should be soul is present. If the leader or any group member  is sleeping or going on a trance, so do not disturb him. This is the beginning of connectivity. The soul can choose to speak through the from. When finished with teke answer, thanks to the spirit for coming and ask the spirit to return to his world. Now blow out the candles and do prayer for thanks. This is the best possible way to end your seance.