Seven Chakras and Immense Accomplishments

Whenever there are things about the seven chakras, they sometimes get our understanding and sometimes out of our grip. This article discusses the characteristics of chakras, which directly affect our personality. Along with this, you can learn how with the simplest way of yoga meditation, we can feed our personality in many dimensions.

Yoga philosophy assumes that inside our body there are basically seven psalms of energy, which are called Seven Chakras. These Chakras control our size, behaviour, thoughts and emotions or sensations. When our chakras are blooming and harmonious then our body and mind work in a particular balance and then our whole personality looks like lotus like a lotus. There are many other tools of Asana, Pranayama, meditation and yoga for awakening every Chakra. In this article, for simplicity, an asana is being mentioned for every Chakra. Seekers practice these positions with meditation in full compound and meditate.

When humans are surrounded by positive energy and they follow their favourable directions, then for continuous to be happy, their 7 Chakras are in the correct direction and are fully charged. This is an effective tool for maintaining good health and positive thoughts with the opening of your 7th Chakra and allowing the flow of healthy energy. Chakras are the mechanisms to transform the energy and it is said that, due to which there are many functions, there are different types of energy, the body and the various energy of the various enclosures which connect the broad divine energy fields.

7 Chakras directly control the body processes by adding endocrine glands, which regulates the ageing process. The 7th chakra is the functional mechanism linking the body of the body and within the physical body, between the midline lines and the various divine forces. They affect the body’s energy flow. By absorbing primary energy from the atmosphere and sending it to the energy channels simultaneously.

First Chakra

Name: Muladhara Chakra

Location: Between genital and anal

Asana: Veer Bhadrasan

Influence: Being balanced with the basement looks strong and Confidence in your personality

Second Chakra

Namah: Swadhishthana Chakra

Location: Near the Muladhadar

Asana: tied angular

Impact: Balance in Swadhishthan shows creativity and positivity in your personality

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Third Chakra

Name: Manipura Chakra

Location: navel

Asana: Navasana

Influence: Being aware of Manipura Chakra shows lively and self-respect in your personality

The fourth Chakra

Name: Anahat Chakra

Venue: Heart

Asana: Ushrasaran

Influence: Balance in Anahata Chakra shows your personality a sense of love, compassion, compassion and acceptance.

Fifth Chakra

Name: pure Chakra

Venue: Tubular region

Asana: Matritasan

Influence: With the awakening of the pure chakra, the reading power that influences the other in you develops

Sixth Chakra

Name: Order Chakra

Location: Between both eyebrows

Asana: Child Protection

Influence: Balance in the order Chakra shows a strong spiritual personality

Seventh Chakra

Name: Sahasrara Chakra

Venue: the upper part of the head

Asana: Shirshasan

Influence: With the awakening of the Sahasrara Chakra, we know our true consciousness and this is a full game of personality.

By practising with regular and correct methods, you will be able to realize the wondrous aspect of your personality. So, keep practising all these respective asanas and keep all the chakras awaken and keep under your control otherwise, they all will control you and that will be a disaster for you and your body.