Spreads of tarot cards

In order to do a tarot card reading, the understanding of the tarot card spreads and layout is very important. In a tarot card spread, every position has a specific meaning according to which, a reading is provided by the tarot card reader. There are a lot of tarot spreads which can be tried. The simplest spread is the single card draw which gives the simplest answers. For detailed information, a more complex spread can be tried. Here we will be talking about the most famous tarot card spreads which are widely used in the world.

One card draw

It is also known as single card draw or one card layout. In this process, an individual is asked to draw one card from the tarot deck. It is known for providing quick answers about a particular question in the simplest forms. After examining the first card, the next card is drawn, then the next and so on. It’s like peeling a banana.

Two card layout

This is the most used form of tarot card layout in the world. In this process, an individual is asked to pick one card from the two and then the reading is provided. The two cards are having the exact opposite meaning. This kind of layout is also used in finding the answers in the form of yes or no.

Three card layout

The three card spread provides with more options than one-card or two-card layout. Tarot card readers use this spread for the representation of a problem and to clarify it. A glimpse of the past weeks and months or the coming weeks and months can be shown through this spread. 

Five card layout

This spread is one of the most detailed ones which is able to provide a detailed insight into an individual. Tarot card readers use this spread mostly to provide a reading about an individual’s health or well-being. In this spread, all the five cards are represented as air, water, spirit, fire, and earth which are known as the five elements of the world. Sometimes the five cards are also represented as the mental, physical, emotional, spirit and temperament. The number five is associated with this spread and that’s why it predicts the future of the coming five months, coming five weeks or coming five days.

Celtic cross

This is the trending tarot card spread nowadays. The position of the cards in Celtic cross spread represents the different aspects of the life of an individual who came for the tarot reading. These aspects can be the challenges, the barriers, the plus points etc. The Celtic cross spread tells you the thing which should be your center of focus. It teaches to encounter a difficult situation. Providing Simple and concise information is why this spread is frequently used.

Tarot cards are one such tool with the help of which we can get the answers to our life’s questions and get the right path to walk on. There are many tarot card readers waiting for your arrival to enlighten your life with various kind of tarot spreads. Give them a try to provide a life enlightenment service.