Stages of the twin flame relationship

Many times in your life when you meet a new person, it feels like you know them and it feels like something very special connects you both. After sharing your experiences and lessons of life, you easily get close to the person. It’s not a coincidence. In the psychic world, they are called as twin flames. They are also called as soul mates or soul connections by the peoples around us. Twin flames are those peoples who were there with you in heaven before you came into this world. There are some tricks by which you can identify your twin flame on meeting them but it’s not that easy as in order to find your twin flame there is no step by step instructions written anywhere. In a relationship, you go through several stages and these stages can help you in a great manner to recognize the twin flames of you. So let’s discuss these stages.

Stage one: recognition
This is the amazing stage of finding your twin flame as this internal realization about the existence of twin flame relationship tends to surprise you. You have to physically meet the person for this stage. First date or a coincidental meeting are the occasions where this recognition can happen. Strange coincidences will make you believe that; yes this is your twin flame.

Stage two: testing
The honeymoon period of the relationship comes to the end during this stage. In this stage consideration of commitments would take place. In this stage evaluation of personal love by each individual is done. So what is the direction of both the twins are the same, their karmic paths can be different.

Stage three: crisis
This is the most uncomfortable stages of all where fear and anxiety takes place in the life of both the twins. Faith has to be tested during this stage. In this stage, you will see love becoming the last thing to think about at the time of crisis. It would not be a soul connection if both of the individual’s don’t experience the same amount of heartbreak.

Stage four: running
The running stage comes after the stage of the crisis. One twin runs in this stage. A huge amount of pain, anger, punishment, resistance etc. is felt by the twin who runs and he withdraws which makes the twin chase the experience that is equally painful. Both twins have to be aware that much greater force is there for them to complete the stage.

Stage five: Surrender
Here, Giving up is not the true meaning of surrender. It is about letting things go in order to get positive outcomes. You have to be attentive is this stage can have an effect on you for the rest of your life. The thing which is in their destiny, they should accept it. Releasing the ego of the human is the purpose of this stage.

Stage six: Awakening
Awakening is experienced by each of the twin flames in this stage. This awakening is much more powerful than the recognition in the first stage. The purpose of this stage is to get that love momentum back.

Stage seven: Reunion
All of the karmic tasks are accomplished by both the twins. Restoration of balance also established. A physical reunion takes place to combine the two souls; so that a third unified soul body can be created. The purpose of this stage is to reunite the twins to eternity.