The Basics of Psychic Readings

What do you think about when you hear the word “psychic?” Does a cheesy image of an old woman in a turban sitting at a table in front of a crystal ball like something out of a dime store novel come to mind? Beyond the cynical images and stereotypes, there is a world of timeless knowledge rooted in wisdom traditions, spanning all cultures and worldviews. An authentic live psychic (versus a channeled entity), though one of the most misunderstood people of our modern society, is a wisdom keeper that can provide valuable and much-needed insight.

Forms of Psychic Talent

Psychics work in many different ways because psychic insight comes through in varying forms, depending on the person’s particular gifts. There is a lot of confusion and blending of terms, and not everyone would use the same terms to describe the same thing. Here we focus on only the most common modalities psychics use to give psychic readings.

Astral Projection is the ability to leave one’s physical body, traveling to remote locations where they can see what is happening.

-Aura readers can physically see people’s aura (or energy field) which they interpret.
-Clairaudience is the ability to “hear” information in the form of a voice or other sound.
-Clairvoyance is a very broad term that describes the internal ability to see things otherwise unknowable.
-Clairsentience is the general ability to sense the energy of other people.
-Mediumship is the capacity to communicate with disembodied beings or spirits who transmit information for varying purposes.
-Precognition refers to the ability to sense events or occurrences before they happen.
Psychometry is based on the ability to tell things about a person by feeling their energy through a physical object or photograph.

Reading Techniques

Using their talents which come through in these forms, psychics employ techniques that work best for their particular talent to sense things about other people they wouldn’t otherwise know, or to predict the future. The information that comes through is often information veiled even from the person who is being read, so in this sense, all a psychic is in effect is a mirror. Somebody who is clairsentient may only need to make a physical connection to someone by holding their hand to read them. Someone using psychometry only needs an item which has an energetic imprint, enabling the reader to pick up on and interpret in reading.

Get a clearer psychic insight

But psychics often like to engage other tools to get a clearer psychic insight. They may use tarot cards, rune stones, ti leaves or some other device which uses symbology to direct the energy. Such devices require skilled knowledge and much study to understand the history of their traditions and meanings of the symbols. The symbols are like guide stones for a person’s energy, and a good psychic will be able to interpret the symbols in a way that applies directly to a person’s life and has to mean for them. It is especially true for astrology. Astrology is a very complex system that takes many years of study to become adept at, but the best astrologers are also highly psychic, thus able to apply accurate meaning and/or predictions for the future.

The most important thing to keep in mind about psychic readings is that the information should serve to aid you on your own life’s path, more than just satisfy your curiosity about the validity of somebody’s talent.