The Real Role Of The Psychic Clairvoyant

A person who has both the powers of a psychic and a clairvoyant is termed as a psychic clairvoyant. A psychic can feel and perceive things that a normal human being cannot with his sense organs. A clairvoyant, on the other hand, is someone who can see objects, people, etc. in a way not possible by normal human eyesight. Clairvoyance is thus a subset of being psychic.

Who is a psychic clairvoyant?
A psychic clairvoyant is thus that kind of a psychic person who has the sixth sense of sight. That is he possesses the power of ‘clairvoyance’, i.e. the French version of the phrase ‘Clear viewing’ ability. Psychic clairvoyants thus have the ability to see loved ones located thousands of miles away, objects kept in sealed containers in a different room or even events that have occurred in the past or will happen in the future.

The power known as psychic clairvoyance did find its roots in ancient times and was practiced by saints and monks. In this way this can be related to religions with primordial background wherein the prophets practiced psychic clairvoyance with the help of higher levels of meditation and other similar practices. They could in this way regulate their mind to such intense focus that they were able to grow in them the powers, thus making them psychic clairvoyants.

Psychic clairvoyants can also be found in day-to-day, spontaneous circumstances without any religious aspect to it. For example, many people have experienced having sudden visions of loved ones who are dying or in some great pain. Such incidents can be stated to be the cause behind this phenomenon to be taken up seriously by researchers and studied on.

What is the difference between Clairaudience-Clairsentience and a psychic clairvoyant?
Clairaudience and Clairsentience are different concepts which are commonly confused with a psychic clairvoyant. The difference lies in the use of the sensory organs. The former two are the powers related to feeling and hearing things that are not possible by normal human beings. Psychic clairvoyance on the other is the ability of a person to perceive through his or her eyes, things that normal human eyesight cannot. Similarly, there are other such specialties namely Clairalience, which is the ability to smell, Claircognizance is the special ability to know, and Clairgustance is the uniquely special ability to taste.

In life, you may come across any individual who is capable of visualizing a near and dear one living thousands of miles away when the latter is in some problem or is terminally ill. There may also be cases when he may be able to see something which is hidden at a place where an ordinary man cannot even perceive the presence of the same.

Psychic tests
These tests are available abundantly online in today’s era of a technological boom. But it must also be mentioned that these are basic tests which can tell you whether you possess the psychic power or not. Moreover, one should always select tests from authentic sources from thousands of readily available ones online. In case you want to go for an advanced test which guarantees more accurate results and more information, psychic tests undertaken by researching institutions would be the place to go.

In conclusion, a psychic clairvoyant often finds himself restricted in leading a normal life due to his powers of sixth sense. Hence, many times, they think of their special powers as a curse. But it is worth mentioning at this point that a psychic clairvoyant is one of the rare gifted few in this world and so such psychic powers should always be considered a gift and used for the betterment of other fellow human beings.