Thumb Shapes Palmistry

When it comes to studying the thumb, palm-readers usually focus on the shape. For example, is the thumb thick Flat thumbs indicate meanness and a nervous disposition. By contrast, broad thumbs can show a violent temperament and if you have a slender thumb it might mean you an artistic genius!

Thick Thumbs: Indicates primitive tastes; often uncouth ways; also blunt honesty.
Flat thumbs: Nervous disposition; meanness.

Broad thumbs: Violent outbursts. If the thumb is also short, it could indicate fits of stubbornness that do not last.
Slender thumbs: Poetic and artistic genius, or at least refined tastes.

Stiff thumbs: Plenty of common sense: often stubbornness, exaggerated caution, secretiveness.
Flexible thumbs: Spendthrift disposition; unconventional tendencies.

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