Understanding the Difference between Clairvoyant and Psychic

There are many people claiming that they are clairvoyants Ireland. Others are psychics. All claim that they can help us read ourselves. They actually can give accurate readings but they are not synonyms. What is the difference between the two?

The word clairvoyance comes from two French words: clair which means clear and voyance which means vision. It therefore means clear vision and this is what a clairvoyant posses. Such a person is able to see things that occur beyond the normal perception range. They can see people, animals, objects, energy fields, spirits and auras among others using the mind’s eye. They are able to see the past, present and futures.

On the other hand, the word psychic comes from the Greek word psyche. This means soul or spirit. A psychic is a person who is capable of using the energetic emanations from the location to detect and analyze information about the past, present and future. They do this without the help of sensory organs.

The main difference is the way by which the psychic and clairvoyant get the information they need. Psychics draw the information from a person’s thoughts through the use of extrasensory perception. On the other hand a clairvoyant makes use of other sources like spirits, angels and so on. They can also use the energy from objects to tell the future, present or past.

Detailed look at Clairvoyant
Now that you know the difference between clairvoyant and psychics you may want to know more about clairvoyants. How does this ability work? A clairvoyant concentrates and he or she can see images that give information. These are usually incomplete images seen through the mind’s eye. The details may be fine or not. Mostly they will remember only a part of the image but if they try hard details become clearer.

Clairvoyant images are perceived in the same way that our imaginations are. They are in the same place. Therefore, everyone can be clairvoyant all they need is practice. So long as you can imagine and form an image in your mind you can learn how to be clairvoyant. This however is not easy and requires plenty of practice to master. To be noted is that clairvoyant images are not just made up or imagined. Rather, they are intuitive images that just come to the mind’s eye.

Just what can you expect when you visit a Clairvoyant Ireland? She/he will sit across from you, go into a trance and tell you about your energy. During this time, the clairvoyant will be seeing images and colors in the mind using the aura around you. This is the energy field around the body. This tells a lot about you including the actions you did and will do, the reasons for these actions and what will happen in your physical environment. With these readings you will be able to validate your reality and receive information that may help you improve life. The clairvoyant however does not help you solve your problems but with the information you get you can be able to do so.