Zodiac Signs In Your Tarot Reading

Aries: Emperor Card- This is a powerful card showing an emblem of an impressive power; generally men are considered to be naturally powerful. This card represents power and rule. Father is pointing to the same person and the male power. Reveals rational things and points to stability and democracy. This card also points to the strengths of your past that you maintain stability through leadership and governance, self-discipline and strength.

Taurus: The Hierophant Card- This card tells the acceptance, consent and approval of something. This card is going to provide good advice, marriage or any association information. There is an atmosphere with a religious atmosphere. Two people sit in front of Dharma Guru. Its card means that a person can join a union or in modern times, we can assume that a person can take the liberty of a club and can become a member of society etc.

Gemini: The Lovers Card- There is nothing left to hide in this card. The snake is made on one hand in the card, which means that the person should choose one of the rights in the wrong. Religion/injustice should be recognized this card tells the relationship between two people, which is based on a very deep love, which is also an angel blessing. This relationship is not based on sex, so looking at this card should not be misunderstood.

Cancer: The Chariot Card- When this card comes; it indicates the journey because one person is riding on the chariot. Seeing this card also, it seems that someone is coming back after winning. It is an indicator of progress and progress. It depicts a strong character. This card tells success by efforts. This indicates the arrival of the proceedings, transportation and movement. The card indicates that there is some difficult task before the person, they should be resolved very quickly, this is a powerful card but the person who is going to labor or hard work can also be a long and difficult process.

Leo: The Strength Card- This card is meant to face energy, strength, power, vitality, willpower, and problems. This card shows the rawest or initial form of power or rule and it is present in some form within all persons. This is a very good card. If a person questions about sickness or an accident, then a question is asked. On coming to this card, the person can doubt himself whether you are in the dark or in the light.

Virgo: The Hermit Card- This card is of a Saint Mahatma with a lantern in his hand and looking downwards, it seems that he is peeping inside. Meaning of lanterns can also be guided. Sweets, bitter experiences, and after this, on the self-motivating or self-test done, this card appears to be lit. The person’s thinking and contemplation reflect on contemplation and trying to give information about the effect of things on it.

Libra: Justice Card- This card is considered to be auspicious, in this card, a person judging the person who has a sword in his hand and scales in the other hand. This reflects the justice process. It tells balance, talks about being like everyone, tells fairness, talks about justice and judicial system. This card comes to you, and then it should be considered favorably, especially when you feel the kindness and impartiality of others while you are the victim of yourself.

Scorpio: Death Card- This card comes in front of you means that there is a big change in the life of a particular person in the future. This change can be related to any aspect of your life, but whatever changes it will have to remain forever. This card means new things as long as the old is not left, nothing new happens. Changes should not be considered bad nor should they be frightened by seeing a dead card. If the old ends, then the new is invented and the change is life. The meaning of this card also is that after every night there is morning, every light comes to light.

In this card, a person is riding on a horse in black clothes. The horse tells the speed of life and black color is death.

Sagittarius: Temperance Card- The title of ‘The Temparents’ Tarot Card is ‘The Daughter of the Reconciliators, the Bringer-Forth of Life’. The image of this card is of Diana Hunter. This balance is not the rule of Libra, but it is the balance of movement of Sagittarius. That is to provide force by leaking its distance through the air. According to the requirement, it converts the velocity of the fire and the water in the opposite direction, to provide this velocity, first of all, concentrated by the limited power of Satya and concentrate on the energy of Mars. Two characters with streams of water between the earth and water, and in the background, are included as a volcano symbol.

Capricorn: Devil Card- The title of “The Devil” Tarot Card, “The Lord of the GazeAaft Matter. The Child of the Forces of Time ‘. Its image on the card looks like a pen or peripes. The study of The Devil Tarot Card should be done in relation to thirah. Both of them are controlling the strength of this universe. It is both dynamic and stable, destructive and reproduction. This card serves as a chain that keeps people bound to make the right decisions. Through this process, the people of the following tendencies hate and remain fearful.

Aquarius: Star Card- The Star card shows a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a small pool. She holds two containers of water: one in her left hand (the subconscious) and one in her right (the conscious). She pours the water out to nourish the earth and to continue the cycle of fertility, represented by the lush greenery around her. The other container pours the water onto dry land in five rivulets, representing the five senses. This card is a star of seven angles of Venus which is shining above the Aquarius. This card indicates that it is guiding the power of love and makes the soul and humanity light. Spiritual quota hangs over the tree of knowledge, it assures that it will achieve extreme efficiency and on the other hand, it sheds light on the tree of life. This card shows the liberation of the ominous bond associated with Saturn.

Pisces: Moon Card- The title of The Moon Tarot Card is ‘The ruler of the flux and reflux’. It is known as the son of great power. The image on the card is like a moon moving around. This card gives the experience or emblem of almost all the problems that occur during the night. This card shows the efforts and possible failures associated with these efforts. Moon tarot card is the path of blood and tears which shows the scourge of fear, weakness, and instability. The moon serves as a watchman.